The most popular decentralized exchanges, or DEXs, are battle-tested crypto exchanges where you can swap tokens while keeping custody of your crypto.

DEXs let you perform on-chain swaps, i.e. swapping tokens that run on the same network.

Interested in cross-chain swaps, or buying or selling crypto for cash? Check out centralized exchanges instead: Popular centralized exchanges.


1inch is a DEX aggregator. This means that it scans DEXs to find the best route for your swap. The best route is the one with the lowest price for your tokens and the cheapest gas fee.

1inch offers swaps on Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, Avalanche, Fantom, and more.

Click Connect wallet and accept the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. 

Then choose your network and your wallet. You can select WalletConnect if your wallet isn’t on the list. 

For some extra guidance, find 1inch’s help center here


PancakeSwap is the leading DEX on the BNB Smart Chain network, also known as BSC.

BSC is known for being a low-cost chain, so you can swap BEP20 tokens for cheap gas fees.  

To connect to Pancakeswap, first click Connect Wallet, then choose your wallet from the list. 

Click the More icon to see all the wallets available. You can choose WalletConnect if your wallet isn’t on the list. 

For more direction, you can find PancakeSwap’s help center here.


Uniswap is the leading DEX on Ethereum. 

You can swap ERC20 tokens on Uniswap. Be aware that gas fees on Ethereum can be pricey.

Click Connect Wallet and choose your wallet from the list.

You can choose MetaMask, Coinbase Wallet, or any wallet with WalletConnect. 

If you need assistance, you can find Uniswap’s help center here